Wednesday, November 19, 2008


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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dog Whisperer

Oliver gets pretty excited about canines. "Dog" was his first word, he points them in out in t.v. commercials, and he's always first to identify a bark: "dog." He thrills to see Maudie's face peeking in the kitchen window when she stands on her hind legs on the deck. And when we went out of town recently, he walked to the Marriott's balcony door and asked where Dog was.

He seems fascinated by the tiny dogs from nextdoor. The three became very friendly during a recent romp in the front yard. After lots of sniffing and scoping each other out, Oliver consented to a special kiss.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

An Autumn Sunday

Kins gave me this Lamb suit when Oliver was a newborn. No, it's not his Halloween costume--just for kicks. He was so funny sliding around the wood floors on his slick hooves a couple nights ago. It was just before bedtime, and he was a little slap-happy. Also, Maudie was thrilled to have her own sheep to herd at last.

Sweet Sheepy

Make it Go Away

Lately Oliver squeezes his eyes shut, like this, to signify protest or when he wants something to go away. It's funny. Like when he doesn't want another bite of food. Or when I tell him, "Night night" and pick him up to go to his crib. I think here, he was protesting the camera flashing in his face over and over. Another favorite means of protest is "going boneless." This happens often when we go for walks. When I try to take his hand or lift him under his arms to turn toward home, he's instantly floppy and impossible to steer. Also funny.

Pretty Baby

Taken during lunch 10-16-08

Monday, October 13, 2008

Catch Me If You Can

There are 42--yes, FORTY-TWO-- drawers and cupboards (upstairs) that Oliver can open by himself. All he wants to do these days is empty them all. And don't forget the closets, shelves, piano bench, and occupied shower:) Meanwhile, Brother has learned to crawl. If Daddy doesn't bring home some baby-proofing that works today, Mommy is sending Oliver to work with him tomorrow.

13 Months

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Devouring Books

For months this book has remained in Oliver's crib. He loves to push the little button on the cover that plays a song, "Mommy loves Elmo" (aka Frere Jaques). Many mornings that twangy, computerized tune alerts us to the fact that Oli is awake. A few days ago I went in to find bits of saliva-soggied book binding littering his bedding. He's been eating his book. Mmmmm.

Note what you DON'T see in his crib: binkies. We went cold turkey on September 24th. We used to leave 2 or 3 binkies in his crib--only using them at bedtime. But he got into the habbit of chucking them onto the floor after we put him to bed and then wailing in despair because he couldn't reach them, until we would tip-toe back in and pop one in his mouth. For the last week of binky life it had become a game. He was winning. As much as I love a binky face, I decided to end it. He only cried for about five minutes the first night without a pacifier. As usual, he just soldiers on. He has helped himself to X's binky once or twice in the last 10 days. But they're usually in X's bed, and thus not a temptation.